NRI Theorbo by John Duncalf

We make theorboes of all original designs and sizes. The most recent theorbo we have made is an Italian model with 6 double courses going to the nut at the end of the fingerboard with vibrating length 86 cm and 8 single diapason strings with vibrating length 170 cm. The total length is 194 cm, and the maximum body dimensions are 61.5 cm in length, 37.5 cm in width and 16.9 cm in depth. The back is made of 37 yew ribs with ebony lines between them. The spruce soundboard has three carved-in roses, a blackened-pear bridge and ebony edging. The fretted neck is of poplar, has double gut frets, an ebony fingerboard and ebony veneered back with 17 holly white lines. The second neck is an ebony-veneered laminate of poplar and spruce with double purfling of holly on front and back. The diapason pegbox is ebony-veneered poplar with single holly purfling. The pegs are boxwood and the strings are of low-twist and high-twist gut. This theorbo has a hard Kingham fitted case.


Following are some photos of this instrument: